Russell Barnes & Molly Milton

“Soundbyte has been behind the original music for so many of ClearStory’s productions. We continue to return to Soundbyte because of the care and creativity brought to our projects – translating our incredibly varied sound briefs into beautiful compositions that are both unique and fitting to our final films. No musical genre or demand has fazed Soundbyte, from electronica to early baroque, from the creation of fifty original tracks or turning around a composition for picture lock in under 24 hours. Good music is fundamental to the success of any broadcast film and we are sure that the critical praise we have received for these productions is due in no small part to Soundbyte’s involvement.”

Russell Barnes & Molly Milton, Directors,

Andra Heritage

“Soundbyte has been my go-to composer for years. He’s incredibly collaborative, provides great music and is always willing to go the extra mile to get it right. He’s a delight to work with.”

Andra Heritage, Executive Producer

Jamie Sives

“Soundbyte recorded the very bare bones of ten or so sketches I had. Just vocal and badly played acoustic guitar. He then composed, arranged, performed, produced then mixed full orchestration for each, therefore turning a handful of lyrical rants into a beautiful album of work. He works in a fast, creative and selfless way which was extremely impressive to witness first hand…… and he’s cheap too!”

Jamie Sives, Songwriter/Actor
(Game of Thrones, Frontier, Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself).

Simon Barnes

“Soundbyte is an amazing composer whom I’ve worked with across several different series. He’s my go to because I know he will listen to what we need, offer a variety of creative options and deliver specifically what is required. He’s quick, creative and accommodating and if I know I have him onboard for a production it means one less thing to worry about – but one more thing to look forward to.”

Simon Barnes, Series Producer.